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John 15:1-2

I am the true Vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. 2 Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that continues to bear fruit, He [repeatedly] prunes, so that it will bear more fruit [even richer and finer fruit].

I am testing the hearts of My children. I am walking in My garden and examining the fruits of My people. The past season has been a time of great release. It was a long season. I released much revelation in the prophetic, especially about the times and seasons. I am looking at the fruit that it has produced and yes it has brought an awakening but some of the fruits of My bride are spoiled. My bride, your focus is out. Your gaze has become tired because some of your time with Me is rooted in fear and not in love. Fear is not sustainable to the soul. It tires the spirit until faith and love falls asleep while the soul continue to perform out of fear until eventually the soul gets tired to. You ask yourself the question - this cant be right if it is such a struggle. This can’t be the ways of the King if it is so difficult. It is a deception I tell you as you are rooted in fear.


In My garden I see fruits of fear. It has even spoiled some of your good fruit. My heart is that My bride will come to the place of bearing fruit that remain through applying My sustainable principles of life and love. Fear will not sustain you to the end My child. Only love will keep you awake. This is the season where I AM asking My bride - do you love Me, do you love Me, do you really love Me? Or are you afraid that you will miss out? Are you afraid that you wont be ‘spotless’ enough to be My bride? Are you afraid of judgment? Are you afraid to be left behind? My child, search your heart because the trees of fear are producing fruits of spiritual performance that you think bring you closer to Me but in fact it draws you away. This is just another form of religion that 'feels good' because fear leads you to gain more knowledge but it is knowledge apart from knowing Me. My children, I have this against you… you make idols of things that are elevated by man but that which My heart longs for is failing in the hearts of man. I tell you this, even prophecy will fail but love will always remain. It’s fruit never fails.


Many of My people know how to gain knowledge. You read and listen to teachings and you recognize truth. You even share it with those you walk with but if the truth isn’t lived in love and faith, how is the truth alive in you? For knowledge is dead but love awakens truth and it is alive to bring forth a harvestfull life. Is your life producing good sustainable fruit? Is your life producing a harvest of love? Words you cannot bring to Me because sometimes the words of My people are so fake that I turn My ear from listening to that which comes out of the flesh. I listen to the heart and My people I tell you, I hear fear in the heart of My bride. Ask Me to show you what I mean when I tell you I hear fear. I will show you where it is hiding.

Fear is a system. This is the system of religion and death. Many churches and ministries are operating according to this system and it brings deception. Even My bride has many self systems of fear to try and justify herself, protect herself and even prepare herself for Me. If you are doing it in fear, it will not remain, I tell you this, it will not remain. I am searching the motive of My people's hearts. That is one of the reasons why you find this season so heavy, so difficult. It feels as though this season is not coming to an end. I tell you this, the end of this season will not be a harvest. For the harvest will come in the next season. The end of this season will be an exposed heart. You will see your true motives as I break down and strip that which covers your hearts. It is nothing but flesh masks painted by spirituality. You are double minded and you don’t see it. It feels good to perform because performance has an expectation. It expects something good because there is a reward for the one who labours. I tell you this, if your labour was love you would freely receive and freely give. However your labour is fear and there will not be a good harvest that comes from it. Don’t perform in cleansing yourself if you are afraid you wont be good enough for Me. You will not receive a white garment for it, although you expect to. You will come to the end of the season and see that your garment it still dirty. Learn to love. Allow Me to move into your motives because it is the foundation of your relationship with Me.


If your motives in serving Me and seeking Me is not love then the harvest will not be worship unto Me. This is called refining My child. It is a new season of deep refinement where I will expose fear, performance and perfectionism as the systems of religion. I desire to bring forth fruit in places where there has never been a harvest before. I am cleansing the ground of motives so that the harvest can be love. Don’t believe that you fail when you feel far from Me. I may feel far in this season. There is purpose in the things that you don’t understand. Wait a while, for you will see why I am doing this deep refinement. It is so needed My child. There are many things that I want to share. It is the things of My heart. For a moment forget about the times and look at My heart. Listen to My heart behind My voice calling you to awaken. Many people are speaking and prophesying as if they are speaking from My mouth but I tell you there are a voive in the wilderness, crying - prepare the way, make straight in the desert a highway and that voice is a heart's cry that say return to the heart of the Father through repentance. It is not calling you to fear, it is not calling you to perform, it is not calling you to be perfect, it is not calling you to religion.


It is My voice calling you to come to Me. Come to Me! Come to Me! For you do not see Me and many times you do not hear Me but I tell you that My heart longs for My people to come to Me, broken! I am here, do not become tired in warring and in worshiping, for you were made to love Me, not to serve Me because you are afraid. I tell you, when I came I made you free. Free from every system that could have potential to redeem you to Me. It is from the freedom that I give that you have the choice to love Me and not just choose Me. There is a difference between choosing Me and loving Me. There is also a difference between loving freedom and loving Me. For in freedom you love what I did for you but in obedience you love Me because it costs a price. I tell you in these days the price becomes more. This is the price of love. Will you pay it?  

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