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Shalom dear friends,


We are excited to share with you a new feature available on our website. Partner with us through sowing, and reap a monthly Cultivate session (MP3) from Sarah as a tool to help you cultivate the Eden within you.

You can choose from the following options:

Select a partnering membership subscription option below to go to the Payfast monthly recurring payment setup page. When you fill in the required info, please provide your email address so we can email you the monthly Cultivate Mp3 sessions.

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Monthly subscription*
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Monthly subscription*
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Monthly subscription*
Partner icon - Seedling-With Text-sml.png
Monthly subscription*
Partner icon - Blossoming Tree-With Text-sml.png
Monthly subscription*
Partner icon - Fruitful Tree-sml.png
Monthly subscription*
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Monthly subscription*

What is a Cultivate session?

When you partner with us you will receive a monthly MP3 in your inbox* as a tool to help you cultivate and grow your inner Eden. The heart behind these sessions is to create the time and space for you to drink deeply from the wells of Yeshua’s presence, to walk with Him in the garden in the cool of the day, like Adam did. These sessions are purposed to help you to meditate on Yeshua’s words, washing your innermost being in what He says. It is a tool that you can use in your quiet time to help you synchronise with Abba’s heart. It will help awaken your spirit man to become trained in waiting on Abba and dwelling in his presence. It will stretch your capacity to linger with Him a little longer in the quietness and stillness of his presence. It is an invitation to you to step into the slow but consistent flow of his river in order to cultivate his peace and his presence within you. Life can be busy, and we become rushed and caught up in “to dos” while we become disconnected from “being in Him”. Let’s cultivate our inner gardens together, let’s learn to pause in his presence and let his Spirit flow in and through us, creating within us the desire of our Messiah, to have a people who love his presence.

Find a quiet space where you can linger for a while, and don’t forget your journal… Simply put on the audio and let Holy Spirit take you on a journey into his heart.

I am excited to journey with you as we seek Abba’s presence together.

Important Notice:

* The subscription amounts will be deducted from your bank account monthly. The Cultivate session update emails are sent out once a month to all our partners at the same time on the same day. Kindly be patient until you receive your exclusive link to the Cultivate sessions. Once you have received the first Cultivate email with the link, you can go to that link at any time and the sessions will be available for you to use.

Our Terms and Conditions Policy applies on the Bridal Harvest website and can be found on the Terms and Conditions Policy page on this website.

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