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I have this urge to tell you, “Rend your hearts and not your garments.” (Joel 2:13). During this time of Elul, or better known, this time of Teshuvah (meaning ‘repentance’), ask Holy Spirit to show you your heart.

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“I have not called you to live a comfortable life, but to have a blessed life with purpose. Your comfort zone in life can be your biggest drawback that is depriving you from the life I called you to live. I have called you to walk in faith and in order to walk in faith, you have to be at a place of trusting Me in your love for Me. When your love relationship with me is established and cultivated, you will be able to listen to and obey My voice.”

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To be effective in Abba’s kingdom we need to start taking responsibility for our choices as well as our action’s. We do not always see what the repercussions of our choices and deeds are. 

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