A blend of myrrh and pomegranate seed essential oils as well as pomegranate blossom fragrance oil


Myrrh oil speaks of closeness to God as seen in Song of Solomon 1:13 


“My Beloved [shepherd] is to me like a [scent] bag of myrrh that lies in my bosom”

Myrrh, meaning bitter in Hebrew, represents Jesus, our Beloved as the One who paid the price for all our bitterness and brokenness. He, the Beloved as a scent bag of myrrh on the bosom of the bride, speaks of His closeness to her, to us. Undeserved, He comes close with His full understanding of bitterness. Yet, myrrh has value beyond our understanding. It yields healing like few other oils. He, as He comes close to me, comes with full understanding and fullness of healing at the same time. 


Pomegranate seed oil, an oil with incredible healing properties, speaks of the deepest part of this fruit. As pomegranate represents love, the seed speaks of Love Himself. His innermost being. The place where His Love originates. It speaks of His heart. The seed also promises abundance of more fruit to come. Isn’t that the promise Jesus speaks about in John 10:10 “I came that you can have life … in abundance”


Love in abundant abundance!

Pomegranate blossoms speak of the promise of the coming fruit. A fruit that stands for fruitfulness like no other fruit. The pomegranate bursts open when it is ripe. A sure promise of blessed brokenness. Of that the blossom speaks …


‘Close anointing oil’ spreads the fragrance of Love’s present presence. The presence that says “Here I Am”

Closer Anointing Oil


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