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Travelling more

I ministered this past weekend at a woman’s camp near the Magalisberg. It was so awesome to see how Abba moved. We could all just enjoy His presence together. On our way back to the airport the lady who invited us told me: “I believe you will be travelling more”. This was a confirmation. Holy Spirit has been telling me that it was time to run with the message. 

Where You send me, I will go.

A short while ago Abba gave me a key and He said that I need to take the key to His bride. we will be doing a few camps and conferences in the following months as Abba leads and I am really excited about it. For now Abba has released me to do woman’s camps. I am so thankful that He is giving us a lot of travelling mercies with little Evah. She enjoys driving and flying so this really enables us to travel a little more.


I will post some of the camp dates on the website so you can go and have a look. I created a new page called- Calendar and events. We invite you to go and look if there are any events near your area.


Furthermore we are doing well. Rion is doing some research and preparation work regarding the piece of land that we are starting to develop on the farm. We haven’t officially moved to the farm yet, but we are spending most of our time here. We trust Abba that we can soon start to build our house on the farm. We have drawn up the plans and we have submitted it into the hands of our Master Builder. All we can do is trust Him with every step!

 We still have to drill for water… We have been waiting for the ground to dry up a little. Due to all that rain that we had it was too wet for the drill to get to the place that was marked for water. So if all is well the drill will come next week.


Holy Spirit keeps on reminding me that we need to live life in Him. We must not reject the things of life because they do need seem “spiritual”. His purpose is that we may grow in Him as we embrace life because we were made to live and breathe. We were made to live in His presence and from His presence. Enjoy the life that you have for blessed are we who have found life in Him. It cannot compare to any other life… The life that we have within us is not just the ability to breathe. We have Life in us- whose name is YHVH! Enjoy life in Him and with Him because the enemy is continually trying to keep us busy with a race that is not the race of faith. We need to get our focus right and start to come into Abba’s rhythm of rest that will bring forth the fruit life in our gardens. Walk the walk of life wholeheartedly because if you do it with Him and in Him it will become a journey of knowing Him too which nothing can compare. There will be pain in this journey, there will sometimes be suffering and hardship, we will not walk this life without getting a few battle scars but we live the life that we have chosen in Him because we love Him. Remember the life that you have chosen and live it. We have chosen Him so let your life make your choice known. Live the King. Breathe the King. Love the King! 

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