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Harvest Life School Leader & Pioneer

Tiaan Nel

I grew up on a farm in Namibia, and the best moments of my life that I had as a child, were on our farm. Going on camping trips alone with my two brothers, with our quad bike and mini jeep. Being very young but very brave and adventurous, when we were in our cowboy phase of life, we enjoyed those moments and treasure them up to this day. We learned a lot about nature, animals and farming. The raw way in which we grew up and the skills that we learned have been so beneficial up to this day. My parents didn’t want us to watch television during daytime and said we could play outside instead of being passive and brain washed in front of the television screen (these where the years before cell phones and tablets). I am thankful for those days.


I was home schooled for two years with my younger brother and then I went with my older brother to a farm school in the middle of the Kalahari, four hours by bus on a gravel road without the luxury of air conditioning and then another hour by car to get home from where our parents picked us up. It was a long way to get home, but we went home every weekend and the bus drive was totally worth it, because there on the farm we could get dirty, play hard and experience the peace and quality of life unfiltered and raw.

Today, I see a society that has grown passive, weak and fragile on all levels – body, soul and spirit. Everything has become so easy and quick, and the raw way of life has been lost. For the most part, children don’t get dirty enough, they don’t play enough, and the result of this is worse than we realise. There is a drive in society. A drive for wealth, comfort and materialistic security. Values are becoming less important while people want to be entertained, they want to enjoy themselves, thinking that it would make them happy, but in the process they are sacrificing so much. The way that life is today, you easily neglect the most important things.

Today, men are not men anymore and women are not women anymore. Children are not children anymore. Why do I say that? The Babylonian beast system was created to destroy families, to destroy intimacy with one another and with God, our Creator. Making you extremely dependent on the system for services, food and medicine. It is driven by greed, performance and power where you lose your true identity as a child of God, finding your purpose in what you do and not in the One who created you, formed you, and called you for a very specific task. Society is growing further and further away from the tree of life God has called us to. Our passion is to help families make their way back out of the system, back into God’s garden and to rediscover His ancient paths.

When God called me into ministry, I went with the idea to help run a gap year for young people unsure of what to do with their lives after Matric. I have a big heart for discipleship, to equip and empower. But it didn’t happen, because Abba had different plans with the ministry. But that passion didn’t die, looking back in time when I served in this men’s ministry, doing multiple army boot camps (with hundreds of men’s lives changed radically by God).


I now know that it was all a training ground for me for that which must come still. Realising with this Harvest Life end-time school, which all of us whom God called to be part of were prepared to teach and equip this end-time army of children who will know their purpose and their calling from a very young age. Living a spirit-filled life without dead religious works where most of us came from. They will have an identity in the Messiah that cannot be shaken, with a strong Biblical foundation and the right interpretation of the Bible, being equipped with practical skills to help themselves and others. We also want to teach and train them according to their calling and giftings. Being equipped for every good work for which the Father has called them.

This is the call and passion that Abba has placed inside of me. I want to equip children with life skills on all levels – spirit, soul and body. I have seen in my life how God uses the skills that were developed in my life to be a blessing to His Kingdom. It is our aim to make Harvest Life School a skills-based school where the children do not just sit behind the books (for the most part) but where they actively participate and become skilled in different areas of life, from farming to carpentry, building, cooking, pottery, and the list goes on and on. This makes Harvest Life School unique.

We will focus on all fundamental areas of children’s development. They will learn to read, write, do maths (intellect), etc., they will be developed spiritually, mentally and emotionally through Biblical values, principles and Kingdom keys. On top of that, life skills will be developed that are essential for living a sustainable life in this day and age (end-time awareness). We want to see God’s Kingdom manifest in the lives of families, in the lives of children. We want to take the exodus journey from knowledge to life in God’s Promised Land because children are growing up under the tree of knowledge of good and evil instead of the tree of life. We want to do things differently at Harvest Life, we want to do things His way.

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Harvest Life School Pioneer & Teacher

When I was 12 years old, I had been home-schooling when Abba called me to trade the education of the world to be educated by the Spirit. I had received a heavenly invitation to the School of the Spirit where He was the Teacher. I embraced this invitation, although I truly enjoyed school. I know there was so much more in a journey with Abba than following the mainstream way of the world. There, in the School of the Spirit, I learned many things. He taught me to wait and listen, living with one ear against His heart, being ready to obey His Word and His Spirit. I learned about deep heart issues that are hidden and how to address them. In the School of the Spirit I discovered who I was, as well as what my calling and gifts are. I am so very, very thankful for that foundational time in my life, because there, in the School of the Spirit, my Teacher became my First Love, the One to whom I devoted my life. It was there, in the School of the Spirit, where the course of my life changed. I learned to seek His Kingdom first and trust Him for the rest. It is now 12 years later, and now that I have children of my own, it is my greatest desire for them, too, to live in the School of the Spirit. When I received the instruction from Abba to write the two School of the Spirit books, I had this deep excitement in my spirit that that what He had taught me could be imparted into the lives of others who also desire to follow Yeshua and know Him as their daily Shepherd.

I am thankful and honoured to have received this call from Abba to be a part of pioneering a school where He is the Teacher, because I have experienced first-hand how your life changes when you step into the School of the Spirit. I have a deep passion to teach children what Yeshua has taught me. Many times in my life, especially when the road gets rough, I think back on that time when He took me into His School where He taught me daily, and when I remember, it fills my heart with thankfulness and I am able to press on. A solid foundation is so deeply important for children because it will change the whole course of their lives.

I have a deep passion to lead children into the garden of intimacy with Yeshua, where they can get to know Him, His ways, His principles, and His Kingdom in every area of life, not just spiritually but mentally, emotionally and physically, soul, body and spirit. When I look back on my life, I deeply realise how Yeshua has shaped and taught me, He has prepared me for this task, and I am so excited to sow the seed that Yeshua has given me into the lives of His little ones. It won’t be necessary for children to have to leave school in order to walk in their callings anymore, because Abba has prepared a place for them within Harvest Life School to be able to learn to read and write and do maths while every topic and subject of what they learn revolve around His word and His Kingdom. I always want Yeshua to be the centre of everything because He brings balance and harmony and wholeness. I desire to see children who grow up inside of that balance, harmony and wholeness. I desire to see children who go back to His garden and honour Him as the Creator, our First Love, through listening and obeying.


Some time ago, I had a vision of how Yeshua was cleaning a black school board and He started to write on it with His finger. He spoke to my heart, "I want to redeem the educational system, I want to determine what your children learn because I know what they need."

My passion and desire are that Harvest Life School will be a place where education and the Kingdom of God become one. I pray that Abba will use me along with the other pioneers to facilitate the place and the space and the time for Yeshua to come and write on that black board of education with His very own finger so that His heart might be revealed to the children.

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