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Blog: Life in His garden

Life is a journey with our Maker. Life is our love for our King. We are forever committed to walk it with Him. Loving Him, seeking Him more, making mistakes and learning. Life in the Father is not a perfect life but it is abundant and full. We love Him because He first loved us. We live our lives to walk with Him in the garden again, like in the beginning. Life will not always be a garden. Sometimes we will find ourselves in the desert but we can be still and know that He is there too. He will always help us to make our way through the pathless wilderness so that we may discover new places in His heart, in His garden that we never knew before. 

A few months ago Abba started giving Sarah dreams of how we moved to the farm.  We thought that the dreams were a spiritual message about a season of change and transition that we would experience. We had never spoken about moving to the farm as we have lived in Windhoek since we got married...

Where You send me, I will go.

I ministered this past weekend at a woman’s camp near the Magalisberg. It was so awesome to see how Abba moved. We could all just enjoy His presence together. On our way back to the airport the lady who invited us told me: “I believe you will be travelling more”. This was a confirmation. 

This morning I felt that is was time to post an update on the website. After a time of deep struggling, testing and trail this season that is filled with Abba's blessing is like the lovely winter sun. We must always embrace every season although some are easier that others. 

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