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For a long time, i used the musical gifts God has given me for this world, and my own desires, and my own glory. I believed in Yeshua, and that He was the Son of God, but i didnt have a living relationship with Him.

But in 2011 all of that changed. I got delivered and set free from many spiritual bondages that i didn't realise was there.  I decided on that day to completely surrender my whole life to Him, and to start living only for Him. I was tired of living a lukewarm life.  I wanted to be on fire for my Heavenly Bridegroom, not compromising anymore. It didnt take long for me to resign from the whole secular music industry, and to only start writing and composing songs for Him.

He has also crossed my path with Sarah Jubilee, who has been on such an amazing journey with Abba from a very young age. She has also written several books since she was 15 on the revelations she's received from God. We started writing/composing songs together, where she writes the lyrics, and i compose the music. It has been such a blessing to walk this journey with her, and i have and still learn so much from her. You can read our full story on my 'Tehillah Harvest' page....

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Eagles' Wings  is a medical ministry founded by Michelle Strydom MBChB (UP) and Tammy van Rensburg. They are passionate about seeing God's people set free of spiritual and physical affliction and while the emphasis is on healing, the ultimate aim is to awaken in people a greater hunger for the Word so they may get to know God more and be drawn into an intimate relationship with the Father. 



Dr Michelle Strydom  trained and qualified as a medical doctor in South Africa and her desire is to practice medicine for the glory of God and leave behind a legacy of His love. She authored Healing Begins with Sanctifcation of the Heart and uncovers the foundation of disease by providing insight, from both a medical and Biblical perspective, into the spiritual, psychological and physical mechanisms that produce ill health. Her teaching demonstrates how latest medical research confirms Biblical principles of health and disease and reveals how coming back in line with His Word through repentance and sanctification helps us to overcome illness, be healed and made whole. 

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Hila was birthed through a dream of creating garments for women which will celebrate the beauty, style and worth of every individual. The aim is to create handcrafted pieces in which young women will feel great, and honour the beautiful temples which they are.

Working as a mother-daughter team, we journey together.
We learn, design, create and have the privilege of bringing pieces alive. Together.

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Our main focus is on the sanctification of the Bride of the Lamb.   This message of refinement is being echoed by the Spirit through many countries, denominations and ministries.   We look at different themes in our teachings, some are written by me and some of the teachings are written by other men and women who stand in the service of our King.


We know the season of our Messiahs return is near and that is why we are focusing on the preparation and the purification of the Bride.  During this season I will choose to focus on the realm of Light and not on the realm of darkness.  In other words,  we will focus on the message given to the Bride during this time and not occupy ourselves with the work of the enemy.  Rather focus on the one true King than try to figure out who the false Messiah might be.


We hope to encourage people through our teachings to draw closer to the Father.  To enter into His presence and to make true Teshuvah (Repentance and changing behaviour.)  We are echoing the call of John in the Wilderness, Prepare the way for the King of Kings!


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Minjaka Prophetic clothing was birthed out of a passion to see women realize how precious they are in the sight of Abba and to be all they were created to be. To draw closer to Him so He can show each one what His original blueprint for women looks like, but also for each individual, and to allow Him to make us whole so we can function fully in what we were created and called for!


Minjaka is the sharing of a journey to inspire, bring healing and encourage woman to walk wholeheartedly in our God created femininity. To prepare ourselves as a Bride without spot or blemish in eager anticipation of the arrival of our Bridegroom. For Him to come and bring us back into alignment where we are not aligned with His heart and plans and purposes for our lives especially in our femininity.

The name was given as a symbol of a priceless vase (the Minjaka) that antiquarians can't even put a earthly price to as it is so precious, this is the heart behind the ministry. That each women, with each dress will realize how precious she is in His sight. That His love and healing will flow in the areas of brokenness and each one will know, heart and mind, how priceless they are as the highest price has already been paid.

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