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Harvest Life School Pioneer of Music & Art

Tiaan Nel

Guy and Heidi have been married since 2005. Having studied fine arts after school, Guy went into graphic design and then started his own business. Heidi was a full-time music and piano teacher, teaching class music, percussion groups and piano. On holiday at the end of 2007, their prayer was, "Lord what is next for us? What would you have us do?"


God’s answer came as a surprise, "Lay down everything and wait on me."


Their question was, "Everything? What does 'everything' mean?" Well, God meant everything. So they laid down jobs, careers, and ministry. And they waited….

In this period of waiting, God taught them the pulse of His provision. And Guy picked up a paintbrush again, for the first time since his studies 10 years before. God began to give Guy visions from Scripture, in particular from Revelation. He painted the scene from Revelation 19 – Yeshua coming on the white horse. In her waiting time, Heidi was pondering this new painting that was now hanging in the lounge. She experienced a breakthrough as she listened to the Spirit of God. Heidi began to hear piano music that went with the painting. He said, "Put your hands on the keys and play." So she did just that, and for the first time since she was 6 years old, she played without sheet music or notation. And so the art and music ministry was birthed.

As Guy painted in obedience to what God was showing, so God gave Heidi the music to match, and images and sound became inseparable. After twelve paintings with music, they began to go out into the world, with the mandate….

"I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh" Joel 2:2.

Straight after the intense birthing time of this new ministry, in 2008, Father God also led them to start a music school as the art and music ministry happened during holidays and weekends only. They raised up young musicians aged 8–18 years in guitar, drums, bass, piano and singing – to develop skills, creativity and confidence and to play in bands. After eight years of great success, Father asked them to lay this down, and He called them to minister full time through the art and music.


They were then ministering and touring internationally, touching hearts, minds and souls across the globe. Allowing the Spirit of the living God to touch hearts and bringing His body into a place of intimacy with the Father.


They have now heard and will heed the Father's call once more – to educate and lead our children and the next generation through art and music, and for our children to take their places in the Kingdom of God. For the art and music to nurture the creative core of each child's being, as they connect with the Creator who made them. For the art and music to become a powerful tool to "light up" the brain and enable it to develop exponentially in language, maths, spatial awareness, and science. To teach and transfer skills to encourage excellent artists and musicians.


When the glory filled the tabernacle of Moses, the artwork and musicians were in place....

When the glory filled the temple of Solomon, the artwork and musicians were in place....

May we prepare the next generation to take their place for the outpouring of Abba Father's greatest glory...

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