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This page contains letters that come from the heart of the Bridegroom through Sarah's pen. She has been writing since she was 12 years old after a heavenly experience that she had. Abba instructed her to start writing and now more than 7 years later, she is still writing. You are welcome to subscribe to our mailing list where we also send out these messages on email. 

This afternoon my husband and I was sitting on the porch looking out over the pomegranate trees. I realized that they are in bloom! Every blossom is a promise of the harvest that will come. Even now in this difficult time where for many, everything is turned upside down, there is a promise of a good harvest that will come. We should not just be focused on what the enemy is doing in this time because in the midst of the storm Yeshua is doing a great and powerful work. 

With this message we I want to share a message from Yeshua that I received today which I believe is of great important in this time and season. We also want to share some other exciting news from our side...

“Do you see what prayer does? It strengthens you and it delights Me. Exercise your spiritual muscles. You can preach and have Me on your lips but not live prayerfully and therefore be spiritually weak. Only I and the angels see the sum of your prayer life. Therefore it is an act of love and not a spiritual duty.

I am testing the hearts of My children. I am walking in

My garden and examining the fruits of My people. The past season has been a time of great release. It was a long season. I released much revelation in the prophetic, especially about the times and seasons. I am looking at the fruit that it has produced and yes it has brought an awakening but some of the fruits of My bride are spoiled.