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Harvest Life School Pioneer & Teacher

Tiaan Nel

The vision Abba Father put in my heart for a home-schooling program

When I was 18 years old, I asked Abba Father what His destiny and calling were for my life, and He gave me the vision of Eagles' Wings, which I have been slowly and progressively growing into since then, together with my best friend, Tammy Van Rensburg, who has served and helped me every step of the way (like Aaron lifting Moses’ arms) to accomplish Abba’s call for Eagles' Wings. One major aspect of the vision of Eagles' Wings that He laid on my heart, was His calling on my life to develop a home-schooling program to equip parents to educate their children so that they can learn to live the "garden lifestyle" in spirit, soul and body, based on the principles of His Kingdom, that Abba Father always intended for us. And He gave me the revelation and conviction that it was the parents’ job, not the teachers', to educate their children.


Why the mainstream schooling system and education program are not from Abba

As I went through the conventional school education program of the world and university to obtain my medical degree, I experienced first-hand how damaging this system is and how it is the complete opposite of Abba Father’s design for a child to be educated, to blossom and to grow into who Abba has created them to be. I came to see how the mainstream education system, from a child’s first years at school right through university, is based on the system and ways of Babylon. This revelation in my spirit was confirmed, since I have now seen evidence of the fact that the majority of education programs, schools and universities all over the world are funded, owned and controlled by the Rothschild illuminati family in order to "brainwash" society with their worldview, concepts, ideas, principles and belief systems which ultimately serve the New World Order agenda of the end times. I have come to learn and see detailed evidence that the education system of the world is not designed to stimulate a child’s intelligence, intellectual development, ability to think for themselves, etc., but rather the opposite: to dumb down and disinform. Much of what is taught in school, especially with regards to history, is based on lies and propaganda from the kingdom of darkness. It is an education system based on the beast kingdoms of Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome, which have progressively programmed people’s thinking, understanding and belief systems for the final beast system of the New World Order and One World Government of the Antichrist.

In conventional school systems, children aren’t taught to think for themselves, they are taught what they (Babylonian education system) said was true, and then are tested on how well they could regurgitate that information. Among many things, this has produced a generation of people where very few have a high IQ. The purposeful chemical dumbing down of the brain has created a society of people with a much lower IQ – who are mediocre or less – and because they can’t think for themselves, they are totally dependent on the government (because they can’t excel as entrepreneurs in their own gifts that Abba called and designed for them). Because they are totally dependent, you have a mass of people who just do what they are told, and that is what they want. That is why the illuminati, who control the world behind the scenes, have invested so many millions of dollars of propaganda money to dumb down society in the world’s education system. David Rockefeller, a member of the illuminati Rockefeller family who has played a key role in leading the world towards the New World Order, is famous for this quote where he said, "We don’t want a generation of thinkers, we want a generation of workers" (i.e. slaves of the NWO system).

Also, because the majority of people are totally dependent on the government, they believe everything the government tells them, without having the intelligence, cognitive function and critical thinking skills to recognise the lies they are being told and the deception they are being led into. Everything that was happening with the media-driven mind control surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic to get the general population to accept deadly vaccines, is a typical example.


Since the majority of children grow up being educated in the Babylonian system, they are led into a lifestyle of the Babylonian system as adults in every aspect of their lives, from their thinking, belief systems, nutritional lifestyle, sleeping patterns, rest (or rather lack thereof, because of the drive to perform, overwork, slavery of the world's workforce system that gears a person to barely survive instead of thrive, etc.) and then the world's entertainment (filled with spiritual filth and more propaganda and mind control) as a counterfeit form of comfort and escape from the stress of the slavery lifestyle they are in.

Another reason that a child’s intelligence and intellectual development are severely impaired in the conventional mainstream schooling system, is because the entire system puts the child into stress – spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and physically. This leads to the stress reaction being constantly stimulated in the body with high levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol, which flow through the brain, damaging memory trees already built, impairing the brain's physical ability to build memory that stores information from learning, reducing the ability to concentrate and think clearly, reducing creativity and motivation, and rewiring the neurological pathways in the brain so that intelligence cannot be developed in the way that Abba Father originally designed for us.

I have also personally experienced and seen first-hand in the lives of many whom we have helped at Eagles' Wings, the damage that the mainstream schooling system does to a person's spirit, soul and body, which ultimately leads to many spiritual bondages, psychological illnesses, emotional wounds in a person's soul, and physical diseases that are rooted in fear, stress, and a drive to perform (where identity and sense of self-worth and value are based on performance and achievement, etc.) and other mindsets that are instilled from an early age in the typical schooling system. This is also because the conventional school system is a "cookie cutter" program, where children who have the gifts and type of intelligence it is designed for, will flourish to a certain extent, but there are many other types of intelligence and gifts that Abba has placed in different children which cannot develop in this "one-size-fits-all" program, and these are especially the children that are damaged in a multitude of ways in this system.

Furthermore, now that the world has entered into the final period of the end days, children will not have access to the conventional schooling system without serious compromises with the enemy, such as vaccines, human-implantable devices into their bodies with digital IDs, etc., and ultimately, the mark of the beast. Therefore, this is a time more than ever that a home-schooling education program is needed for the children in the body of Yeshua the Messiah. There are some wonderful Christian, Bible-based home-schooling programs out there, but there is not one that currently exists (to my knowledge) that reaches the potential of that which Abba Father has shown me.

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