Don't let my love grow cold

Matthew 24:12

 Because lawlessness is increased, the love of most people will grow cold.

This message is a letter from the new book that we are in the process of writing... The book is called Bridal Chamber- daily life in His garden. I felt that I needed to post this message because it is important for this hour.

“My child, do not let your love grow cold. Do not let your reality drown the reality of what I say and who I AM. Many times there are pain in reality. Reality can be filled with frustration, unforgiveness, circumstances that seem unfair or it can plainly be filled with the darkness that is in people who do not know Me. You cannot control your own reality,  you can only choose what you are going to do with it. Your reality is not only shaped by Me, because you are in the world. There are many influences in the world that I will not necessarily hedge you from, because if I do you would never become an overcomer who overcome by My blood and by the word of your testimony. I cannot guarentee a reality that will not have difficulty without pain… but in that there is a way that leads to life but you can only find the way if you choose to agree with life. I love you and I desire to bless you.


My plans for you is good, it is filled with purpose and hope for a blessed future but reality can sometimes have the potential to be like cold, icy water that can cool down the fire of your faith, focus and love for Me. Many times what you feel, see and experience is not the reality according to Me because you look from a different perspective that I do. You look through the fleshly eyes of frustration when you face struggles. You feel unloved and hurt when you go through pain. I see all of them as an opportunity for My tree of life to grow in the garden of your life. Do not harden your heart against the realities of life. I AM in every reality doing a work and planning how it can be for your good. Our relationship should not be moved or shaken on your part when things do not always go as you expect them to. I am always good no matter how your reality looks. I want to do a work in your reality. I want to show you who I AM in your reality in a deeper way. Are you prepared to choose life in areas that you havent before. Are you prepared to be stretched so that I might enlargen your capacity to choose Me? I AM your keeper. I AM the keeper of your heart and the one who looks after My very own garden, that is you My child. It is My desire that your love will not grow cold.


It is My desire that the fruit of love in your life will not fail. I want to bring you to the place where you bring forth fruit that remain constant and prospers in the reality. People are the reality that is going to challenge you the most. People will not always handle you in a way that is going to be easy to love them back. Because of the serpent nature within you, it has become extremely difficult for you to love when you are treated in a way that you do not like. It has become difficult for you not to judge when your standards are not met. You are man and I have great compassion for the things that are diffficult for you. However, I ask you not to become weary. Keep on pursuing the fruit of love in your life. Do not let your love for me grow cold but neither for man because the most precious thing that you can give Me is the fruit of love in your life with all its difficulties and all its realities. Pursue love with all of your heart because it is the way that leads to life.”

Photo's by Claudia De Nobrega

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