Ever since I was a little girl, it has been my heart's desire to teach. For various reasons I became a medical doctor and have subsequently been practicing medicine for the past 21 years.

In my search for the Lord’s truth regarding health and healing, I realised more and more how much I lacked true understanding of how He had perfectly woven in beautiful harmony the symphony of the body, soul and spirit, representing His DNA.

Through a journey of seeking Him intimately, I found myself drawn to His original design and blueprint for walking in His fullness. I had a great need to go back into His Garden to pursue His original purpose and plans for my life.

When I became a mother of a precious little girl, I realised that my greatest heart’s desire for her was to know Yeshua with all her heart, mind, soul and spirit. And so my "teaching" journey started, training up a child in the way she should go. It has been a seven-year time period of dealing with deep identity issues within myself and allowing beloved Yeshua to heal and restore me. He has become my most trusted Teacher and Friend. As I grew in my relationship with Him, my daughter and I started walking this path of "being set apart" for His Kingdom.

I also realised that there is a need for parents to understand the beautiful gifts and treasures which the Lord has bestowed on us – the gift of the children Abba gave us, being a clean slate in the Father’s hands, and we as parents enjoying the privilege to co-write their life stories as they grow older.

This grew into a great need to teach and write what the Spirit has been showing me about the children of these generations to come. We will have to teach them to love and to love well, to endure and stand strong amidst the great storms coming over all the earth.

Our children will have the keys to the Kingdom, and they have been prepared for such a time as this.

The Kingdom has come! Hallelujah! Praise His Holy Name!

“Look at the fig tree and all the trees. When they sprout leaves, you can see for yourselves and know that summer is near. Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that the kingdom of God is near. Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” Luke 21:29-32

Dr Kruger

Dr Hanlie Kruger

Harvest Life School Pioneer & Intercessor

Benjamin Witopil

Benjamin Josef Witopil

Harvest Life School Pioneer, Principal & Teacher

Dr Strydom

Dr Michelle Strydom

Harvest Life School Pioneer & Teacher

Tiaan Nel Pioneer

Tiaan Nel

Harvest Life School Pioneer & Teacher

Sarah & Rion

Rion van Vuuren

Harvest Life School Leader & Pioneer

& Sarah van Vuuren

Harvest Life School Pioneer & Teacher

Guy & Heidi

Guy & Heidi Mitchell

Harvest Life School Pioneers of music & arts

I grew up on a farm in Namibia, and the best moments of my life that I had as a child, were on our farm. Going on camping trips alone with my two brothers, with our quad bike and mini jeep. Being very young but very brave and adventurous, we enjoyed those moments and treasure them up to this day, when we were in our cowboy phase of life. We learned a lot about nature, animals and farming. The raw way in which we grew up and the skills that we learned have been so beneficial up to this day. My parents didn’t want us to watch television during daytime and said we could play outside instead of being passive and brain washed in front of the television screen (these where the years before cell phones and tablets). I am thankful for those days.


I was home schooled for two years with my younger brother and then I went with my older brother to a farm school in the middle of the Kalahari, four hours by bus on a gravel road without the luxury of air conditioning and then another hour by car to get home from where our parents picked us up. It was a long way to get home, but we went home every weekend and the bus drive was totally worth it, because, there on the farm we could get dirty, play hard and experience the peace and quality of life unfiltered and raw.

Today, I see a society that has grown passive, weak and fragile on all levels – body, soul and spirit. Everything has become so easy and quick, and the raw way of life has been lost. For the most part, children don’t get dirty enough, they don’t play enough, and the result of this is worse than we realise. There is a drive in society. A drive for wealth, comfort and materialistic security. Values are becoming less important while people want to be entertained, they want to enjoy themselves, thinking that it would make them happy, but in the process they are sacrificing so much. The way that life is today, you easily neglect the most important things.

Today, men are not men anymore and women are not women anymore. Children are not children anymore. Why do I say that? The Babylonian beast system was created to destroy families, to destroy intimacy with one another and with God, our Creator. Making you extremely dependent on the system for services, food and medicine. It is driven by greed, performance and power where you lose your true identity as a child of God, finding your purpose in what you do and not in the One who created you, formed you, and called you for a very specific task. Society is growing further and further away from the tree of life God has called us to. Our passion is to help families make their way back out of the system, back into God’s garden and to rediscover His ancient paths.

When God called me into ministry, I went with the idea to help run a gap year for young people unsure of what to do with their lives after Matric. I have a big heart for discipleship, to equip and empower. But it didn’t happen, because Abba had different plans with the ministry. But that passion didn’t die, looking back in time when I served in this men’s ministry, doing multiple army boot camps (with hundreds of men’s lives changed radically by God).


I now know that it was all a training ground for me for that which must come still. Realising with this Harvest Life end-time school, which all of us whom God called to be part of were prepared to teach and equip this end-time army of children who will know their purpose and their calling from a very young age. Living a spirit-filled life without dead religious works where most of us came from. They will have an identity in the Messiah that cannot be shaken, with a strong Biblical foundation and the right interpretation of the Bible, being equipped with practical skill to help themselves and others. We also want to teach and train them according to their calling and giftings. Being equipped for every good work for which the Father has called them.

This is the call and passion that Abba has placed inside of me. I want to equip children with life skills on all levels – spirit soul and body. I have seen in my life how God uses the skills that were developed in my life to be a blessing to His Kingdom. It is our aim to make Harvest Life School a skills-based school where the children do not just sit behind the books (for the most part) but where they actively participate and become skilled in different areas of life, from farming to carpentry, building, cooking, pottery, and the list goes on and on. This makes Harvest Life School unique.

We will focus on all fundamental areas of children’s development. They will learn to read, write, do maths (intellect), etc., they will be developed spiritually, mentally and emotionally through Biblical values, principles and Kingdom keys. On top of that, life skills will be developed that are essential for living a sustainable life in this day and age (end-time awareness). We want to see God’s Kingdom manifest in the lives of families, in the lives of children. We want to take the exodus journey from knowledge to life in God’s Promised Land because children are growing up under the tree of knowledge of good and evil instead of the tree of life. We want to do things differently at Harvest Life, we want to do things His way.


When I was 12 years old, I had been home-schooling when Abba called me to trade the education of the world to be educated by the Spirit. I had received a heavenly invitation to the School of the Spirit where He was the Teacher. I embraced this invitation, although I truly enjoyed school. I know there was so much more in a journey with Abba than following the mainstream way of the world. There, in the School of the Spirit, I learned many things. He taught me to wait and listen, living with one ear against His heart, being ready to obey His Word and His Spirit. I learned about deep heart issues that are hidden and how to address them. In the School of the Spirit I discovered who I was, as well as what my calling and gifts are. I am so very, very thankful for that foundational time in my life, because there, in the School of the Spirit, my Teacher became my First Love, the One to whom I devoted my life. It was there, in the School of the Spirit, where the course of my life changed. I learned to seek His Kingdom first and trust Him for the rest. It is now 12 years later, and now that I have children of my own, it is my greatest desire for them, too, to live in the School of the Spirit. When I received the instruction from Abba to write the two School of the Spirit books, I had this deep excitement in my spirit that that what He had taught me could be imparted into the lives of others who also desire to follow Yeshua and know Him as their daily Shepherd.

I am thankful and honoured to have received this call from Abba to be a part of pioneering a school where He is the Teacher, because I have experienced first-hand how your life changes when you step into the School of the Spirit. I have a deep passion to teach children what Yeshua has taught me. Many times in my life, especially when the road gets rough, I think back on that time when He took me into His School where He taught me daily, and when I remember, it fills my heart with thankfulness and I am able to press on. A solid foundation is so deeply important for children because it will change the whole course of their lives.

I have a deep passion to lead children into the garden of intimacy with Yeshua, where they can get to know Him, His ways, His principles, and His Kingdom in every area of life, not just spiritually but mentally, emotionally and physically, soul, body and spirit. When I look back on my life, I deeply realise how Yeshua has shaped and taught me, He has prepared me for this task, and I am so excited to sow the seed that Yeshua has given me into the lives of His little ones. It won’t be necessary for children to have to leave school in order to walk in their callings anymore, because Abba has prepared a place for them within Harvest Life School to be able to learn to read and write and do maths while every topic and subject of what they learn revolve around His word and His Kingdom. I always want Yeshua to be the centre of everything because He brings balance and harmony and wholeness. I desire to see children who grow up inside of that balance, harmony and wholeness. I desire to see children who go back to His garden and honour Him as the Creator, our First Love, through listening and obeying.


Some time ago, I had a vision of how Yeshua was cleaning a black school board and He started to write on it with His finger. He spoke to my heart, "I want to redeem the educational system, I want to determine what your children learn because I know what they need."

My passion and desire are that Harvest Life School will be a place where education and the Kingdom of God become one. I pray that Abba will use me along with the other pioneers to facilitate the place and the space and the time for Yeshua to come and write on that black board of education with His very own finger so that His heart might be revealed to the children.

My story begins in a family of teachers and musicians in a small country called Germany. It was there where I absolved my training as a conductor for classical ensembles. Then I went on to study education and graduated from University with a Bachelor of Education. During my studies I worked for four years at a school for children with special needs, which won multiple educational awards. They used an interesting concept of Haim Omer, a Jewish psychologist: “authority through love and teaching discipline through self-discipline”.


Since then, these two callings have been part of my life: music and education. Not only because of my family background, but also because Abba confirmed this to me many times. The important thing I had to learn was, and still is, where Abba wants to use which of these callings and when. As I finished my educational studies at University, for example, I was invited to apply as a full-time worship pastor in a large church. To be honest, in my head that made so much sense. I felt anointed to take that position, I had heard words of confirmation about a calling as a Levite, and it would have been the most fun thing for me to do in comparison with starting the hard training as an official, which you normally have to apply for if you want to teach in German schools. So I asked my leaders at that time for advice, prayed about it myself and together with my wife, and the answer was quite clear: stay on track, keep the direction. That was an emotional battle inside. But I had learnt to lay down my life for a greater purpose even in smaller things before, and Abba always remained faithful. He showed me many times before that new life is born after a seed falls into the ground and dies.

So, after my graduation, I joined the teacher training for two years as an official for the state of Bavaria, Germany, in 2018. This is a very hard educational training program where one learns a certain methodology of teaching language, mathematics, science, sports and arts. This season shaped me more than any other season of my life. It was not pleasant at all. Yet joy, peace and righteousness stayed inside throughout the whole training period. I experienced great favour and grace.


And now to make the puzzle complete, shortly after I finished that training successfully, I was called to pioneer “Harvest Life School” and leave behind all my achievements and even financial comfort of a life as an official working for the state, and follow a higher calling that Abba had placed in my heart. He saw the greater picture when I did not. He knew what passions and trees he planted inside of me and where He wants to use them.

My passion is to steward human resources and help human beings develop their full potential as trees in a fruitful garden. Metaphorically, we are like that tree: in need of water, sun, minerals and more. Only once all these needs are met, are we able to bear fruit that lasts and has an impact on society. It is also that picture of soil that I have regarding children. Nothing is impossible for a child. No kid is too “whatever”. Every kid's “soil” can be taken care of, and a beautiful plant will grow from that soil. This is my passion. To steward human resources and help human beings develop their full potential as a gardener helps plants to flourish. That is also a core passion of Harvest Life School. Together with my lovely wife, Stefanie, also a fine teacher, and our four kids, we now live in Uruguay to join Harvest Life School. We feel privileged and honoured to be part of this adventurous journey with Abba, pioneering a school that carries His Abba-heart and roots His love and understanding in our young generations.


Harvest Life School Leader & Pioneer

Sarah v Vuuren_edited.png

Harvest Life School Pioneer & Teacher

The vision Abba Father put in my heart for a home-schooling program

When I was 18 years old, I asked Abba Father what His destiny and calling were for my life, and He gave me the vision of Eagles' Wings, which I have been slowly and progressively growing into since then, together with my best friend, Tammy Van Rensburg, who has served and helped me every step of the way (like Aaron lifting Moses’ arms) to accomplish Abba’s call for Eagles' Wings. One major aspect of the vision of Eagles' Wings that He laid on my heart, was His calling on my life to develop a home-schooling program to equip parents to educate their children so that they can learn to live the "garden lifestyle" in spirit, soul and body, based on the principles of His Kingdom, that Abba Father always intended for us. And He gave me the revelation and conviction that it was the parents’ job, not the teachers', to educate their children.


Why the mainstream schooling system and education program are not from Abba

As I went through the conventional school education program of the world and university to obtain my medical degree, I experienced first-hand how damaging this system is and how it is the complete opposite of Abba Father’s design for a child to be educated, to blossom and to grow into who Abba has created them to be. I came to see how the mainstream education system, from a child’s first years at school right through university, is based on the system and ways of Babylon. This revelation in my spirit was confirmed, since I have now seen evidence of the fact that the majority of education programs, schools and universities all over the world are funded, owned and controlled by the Rothschild illuminati family in order to "brainwash" society with their worldview, concepts, ideas, principles and belief systems which ultimately serve the New World Order agenda of the end times. I have come to learn and see detailed evidence that the education system of the world is not designed to stimulate a child’s intelligence, intellectual development, ability to think for themselves, etc., but rather the opposite: to dumb down and disinform. Much of what is taught in school, especially with regards to history, is based on lies and propaganda from the kingdom of darkness. It is an education system based on the beast kingdoms of Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome, which have progressively programmed people’s thinking, understanding and belief systems for the final beast system of the New World Order and One World Government of the Antichrist.

In conventional school systems, children aren’t taught to think for themselves, they are taught what they (Babylonian education system) said was true, and then are tested on how well they could regurgitate that information. Among many things, this has produced a generation of people where very few have a high IQ. The purposeful chemical dumbing down of the brain has created a society of people with a much lower IQ – who are mediocre or less – and because they can’t think for themselves, they are totally dependent on the government (because they can’t excel as entrepreneurs in their own gifts that Abba called and designed for them). Because they are totally dependent, you have a mass of people who just do what they are told, and that is what they want. That is why the illuminati, who control the world behind the scenes, have invested so many millions of dollars of propaganda money to dumb down society in the world’s education system. David Rockefeller, a member of the illuminati Rockefeller family who has played a key role in leading the world towards the New World Order, is famous for this quote where he said, "We don’t want a generation of thinkers, we want a generation of workers" (i.e. slaves of the NWO system).

Also, because the majority of people are totally dependent on the government, they believe everything the government tells them, without having the intelligence, cognitive function and critical thinking skills to recognise the lies they are being told and the deception they are being led into. Everything that is happening with the media-driven mind control surrounding the current pandemic to get the general population to accept the deadly vaccines, is a typical example.


Since the majority of children grow up being educated in the Babylonian system, they are led into a lifestyle of the Babylonian system as adults in every aspect of their lives, from their thinking, belief systems, nutritional lifestyle, sleeping patterns, rest (or rather lack thereof, because of the drive to perform, overwork, slavery of the world's workforce system that gears a person to barely survive instead of thrive, etc.) and then the world's entertainment (filled with spiritual filth and more propaganda and mind control) as a counterfeit form of comfort and escape from the stress of the slavery lifestyle they are in.

Another reason that a child’s intelligence and intellectual development are severely impaired in the conventional mainstream schooling system, is because the entire system puts the child into stress – spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and physically. This leads to the stress reaction being constantly stimulated in the body with high levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol, which flow through the brain, damaging memory trees already built, impairing the brain's physical ability to build memory that stores information from learning, reducing the ability to concentrate and think clearly, reducing creativity and motivation, and rewiring the neurological pathways in the brain so that intelligence cannot be developed in the way that Abba Father originally designed for us.

I have also personally experienced and seen first-hand in the lives of many whom we have helped at Eagles' Wings, the damage that the mainstream schooling system does to a person's spirit, soul and body, which ultimately leads to many spiritual bondages, psychological illnesses, emotional wounds in a person's soul, and physical diseases that are rooted in fear, stress, and a drive to perform (where identity and sense of self-worth and value are based on performance and achievement, etc.) and other mindsets that are instilled from an early age in the typical schooling system. This is also because the conventional school system is a "cookie cutter" program, where children who have the gifts and type of intelligence it is designed for, will flourish to a certain extent, but there are many other types of intelligence and gifts that Abba has placed in different children which cannot develop in this "one-size-fits-all" program, and these are especially the children that are damaged in a multitude of ways in this system.

Furthermore, now that the world has entered into the final period of the end days, children will not have access to the conventional schooling system without serious compromises with the enemy, such as vaccines, human implantable devices into their bodies with digital IDs, etc., and ultimately, the mark of the beast. Therefore, this is a time more than ever that a home-schooling education program is needed for the children in the body of Yeshua the Messiah. There are some wonderful Christian, Bible-based home-schooling programs out there, but there is not one that currently exists (to my knowledge) that reaches the potential of that which Abba Father has shown me.


Harvest Life School Pioneer & Teacher


Education is extremely important. We as human beings are formed by what we learn and also by the people who teach us. I was blessed by Abba Father with an earthly father who was an anointed teacher of God’s word and a mother who taught me to live spiritual values and a Kingdom lifestyle. As a family we spent many evenings and days together with Rabbis, studying the word of God and discussing the Scriptures from various perspectives. I learnt from an early age to dive deep into the Scriptures and to remain teachable in every area of my life.

I was born in South Africa, and at a young age we as a family moved to Jerusalem, Israel, after being called by God to go to the place which He would show us, and in Israel I discovered the importance of the Hebrew language. I spent my days speaking Hebrew to every person I came into contact with and soon after that I enrolled in a school, so that I could learn Hebrew from scratch. I immediately fell in love with the Hebrew language – the language in which a greater part of the Scriptures were written – and continued studying the language until I received my diploma as a Hebrew speaker and teacher.


As a teenager, my father (founder and leader of Hebrew People) would take me with him on ministry trips throughout the world, and on those trips he urged me to teach Hebrew to participants of his seminars. Soon I found myself teaching Hebrew and Bible verses in Hebrew wherever we went and discovered my love for teaching the hidden treasures found in the Bible and in the language of God’s chosen people. God had prepared me with a solid foundation, and I was able to share that which I had learnt with fellow believers. At the age of 18, I went into full-time ministry and have been teaching the word of God from a Hebrew perspective ever since, along with Hebrew courses around the globe. When my father passed away in October 2018, I took up the responsibility of the teaching ministry in Hebrew People.


In Hosea 4:6 we read: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…". As a person with a strong calling to teach and equip the bride so that she can prepare herself for the return of her Hebrew Bridegroom, I want to support the endeavour of Harvest Life School with material and teaching methods that I have built over the years. My main focus in this endeavour will be the Hebrew language with its idioms, the numerical and pictorial values of the Hebrew alphabet as well as Scripture from a Hebrew perspective.


I currently live in South Africa with my wife, Jani, and our three sons. I minister and teach on- and offline, about the word of God from a Hebrew language and culture perspective, all over the world, and I am grateful for the opportunity to live out my calling. Without the education I received from a young age and the people who taught me, my life would have been different. Of this I am sure.

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Harvest Life School Pioneer & Teacher

Guy and Heidi have been married since 2005. Having studied fine arts after school, Guy went into graphic design and then started his own business. Heidi was a full-time music and piano teacher, teaching class music, percussion groups and piano. On holiday at the end of 2007, their prayer was, "Lord what is next for us? What would you have us do?" God’s answer came as a surprise, "Lay down everything and wait on me." Their question was, "Everything? What does 'everything' mean?" Well, God meant everything. So they laid down jobs, careers, and ministry. And they waited….

In this period of waiting, God taught them the pulse of His provision. And Guy picked up a paintbrush again, for the first time since his studies 10 years before. God began to give Guy visions from Scripture, in particular from Revelation. He painted the scene from Revelation 19 – Yeshua coming on the white horse. In her waiting time, Heidi was pondering this new painting that was now hanging in the lounge. She experienced a breakthrough as she listened to the Spirit of God. Heidi began to hear piano music that went with the painting. He said, "Put your hands on the keys and play." So she did just that, and for the first time since she was 6 years old, she played without sheet music or notation. And so the art and music ministry was birthed.

As Guy painted in obedience to what God was showing, so God gave Heidi the music to match, and images and sound became inseparable. After twelve paintings with music, they began to go out into the world, with the mandate….

"I will pour our My Spirit on all flesh" Joel 2:2.

Straight after the intense birthing time of this new ministry, in 2008, Father God also led them to start a music school as the art and music ministry happened during holidays and weekends only. They raised up young musicians aged 8–18 years in guitar, drums, bass, piano and singing – to develop skills, creativity and confidence and to play in bands. After eight years of great success, Father asked them to lay this down, and He called them to minister full time through the art and music.


They were then ministering and touring internationally, touching hearts, minds and souls across the globe. Allowing the Spirit of the living God to touch hearts and bringing His body into a place of intimacy with the Father.


They have now heard and will heed the Father's call once more – to educate and lead our children and the next generation through art and music, and for our children to take their places in the Kingdom of God. For the art and music to nurture the creative core of each child's being, as they connect with the Creator who made them. For the art and music to become a powerful tool to "light up" the brain and enable it to develop exponentially in language, maths, spatial awareness, and science. To teach and transfer skills to encourage excellent artists and musicians.


When the glory filled the tabernacle of Moses, the artwork and musicians were in place....

When the glory filled the temple of Solomon, the artwork and musicians were in place....

May we prepare the next generation to take their place for the outpouring of Abba Father's greatest glory...

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Harvest Life School Pioneer of Music & Art


Harvest Life School Pioneer & Intercessor


Harvest Life School Pioneer, Principal & Teacher