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Back to His garden

A few months ago Abba started giving Sarah dreams of how we moved to the farm.  We thought that the dreams were a spiritual message about a season of change and transition that we would experience. We had never spoken about moving to the farm as we have lived in Windhoek since we got married.  After Sarah had another very clear dream we realized that it is not spiritual but an instruction from Abba. He wanted us to move permanently to our farm, the farm where I grew up and lived for 20 years. Since Sarah had the dream , Abba started giving us clearer vision about what to do. We were truly seeking His heart in regards to His full destiny for our lives together. We were waiting on Him to show us the way forward and lead us deeper into our callings.


Sarah shared one of her dreams. She dreamt of a piece of land on the farm just above the bridal chamber where we got married. She saw Abba stretching out His hand from the clouds. He took His finger and drew a line around the piece of land as if He marked it. When He drew the lines in the ground it became full of water. He had a pomegranate in His hand and He gave it to her saying that He gives us a promise of His provision and that we needed to trust Him and have faith in Him. He dropped the pomegranate on the ground that He marked. When it  hit the ground she explained that it was as if the ground was like a dead body whose veins became full of life again. She said that it was as if the ground became alive. Abba told her that His desire is a harvest, His desire is a garden in the desert. When He speaks and gives principles it is not just spiritual because that which is in the spirit must manifest in the natural.


So that is exactly what we are going to do in faith. We are going to plant pomegranates and create a garden from that piece of land so that He might be glorified through it.


The first thing we did was ask my parents who live on the farm for their blessing because family and unity is Abba’s heart. We would not be able to do it without their blessing so we thank Abba for going before us and we honour them for trusting that Abba spoke to us and allowing us to walk out the vision from Him.


One of the most important things that is necessary for us to plant is water. We need water so in that time we walked to a place near where we are going to plant. It is actually very close to where I asked Sarah to marry me. We prayed there with friends and we asked Abba to show us where we have to drill for water.  We also did repentance and started to spiritually cleanse the land. We can only surrender every detail to Him.

We experience that it will cost us a price if we are going to do it the right way (not the old traditional way with sticks and wires which opens a demonic door of witchcraft and water spirits), so we contacted a hydrologist that were on our farm 7 years ago.  He will come to the farm on the end of this month to test the underground rock formations. The drilling company will come to drill then in early February. We are standing in faith that Abba will provide every drop of water that we need.


Meanwhile in December we started to clean the ground physically as well as spiritually. My father has a JCB, which I used to remove the trees and bushes where we are going to plant. I really enjoyed it alot and prayed that Abba would uproot the things in our lives that still has a hold on us. We also hired a grader to level the ground. After the cleaning and leveling process, my father and I started to build the road to where we are going to plant. I must say to build a road was much harder than I thought, although it’s a gravel road it was hard work.


Isaiah 40:3

A voice of one is calling out, “Clear the way for the Lord in the wilderness [remove the obstacles]; Make straight and smooth in the desert a highway for our God.


The preparation process has started and we are so exited to see what Abba will do on this piece of land. We trust Him to guide us and also provide for us in every detail of our lives.


We would love to keep on sharing this journey with you so we will keep on posting updates as we go along.


Blessings, David

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