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Harvest Life School Pioneer, Principal & Teacher

Tiaan Nel

My story begins in a family of teachers and musicians in a small country called Germany. It was there where I absolved my training as a conductor for classical ensembles. Then I went on to study education and graduated from University with a Bachelor of Education. During my studies, I worked for four years at a school for children with special needs, which won multiple educational awards. They used an interesting concept of Haim Omer, a Jewish psychologist: “authority through love and teaching discipline through self-discipline”.


Since then, these two callings have been part of my life: music and education. Not only because of my family background, but also because Abba confirmed this to me many times. The important thing I had to learn was, and still is, where Abba wants to use which of these callings and when. As I finished my educational studies at University, for example, I was invited to apply as a full-time worship pastor in a large church. To be honest, in my head that made so much sense. I felt anointed to take that position, I had heard words of confirmation about a calling as a Levite, and it would have been the most fun thing for me to do in comparison with starting the hard training as an official, which you normally have to apply for if you want to teach in German schools. So I asked my leaders at that time for advice, prayed about it myself and together with my wife, and the answer was quite clear: stay on track, keep the direction. That was an emotional battle inside. But I had learnt to lay down my life for a greater purpose even in smaller things before, and Abba always remained faithful. He showed me many times before that new life is born after a seed falls into the ground and dies.

So, after my graduation, I joined the teacher training for two years as an official for the state of Bavaria, Germany, in 2018. This is a very hard educational training program where one learns a certain methodology of teaching language, mathematics, science, sports and arts. This season shaped me more than any other season of my life. It was not pleasant at all. Yet joy, peace and righteousness stayed inside throughout the whole training period. I experienced great favour and grace.


And now to make the puzzle complete, shortly after I finished that training successfully, I was called to pioneer “Harvest Life School” and leave behind all my achievements and even financial comfort of a life as an official working for the state, and follow a higher calling that Abba had placed in my heart. He saw the greater picture when I did not. He knew what passions and trees he planted inside of me and where He wants to use them.

My passion is to steward human resources and help human beings develop their full potential as trees in a fruitful garden. Metaphorically, we are like that tree: in need of water, sun, minerals and more. Only once all these needs are met, are we able to bear fruit that lasts and has an impact on society. It is also that picture of soil that I have regarding children. Nothing is impossible for a child. No kid is too “whatever”. Every kid's “soil” can be taken care of, and a beautiful plant will grow from that soil. This is my passion. To steward human resources and help human beings develop their full potential as a gardener helps plants to flourish. That is also a core passion of Harvest Life School. Together with my lovely wife, Stefanie, also a fine teacher, and our four kids, we now live in Uruguay to join Harvest Life School. We feel privileged and honoured to be part of this adventurous journey with Abba, pioneering a school that carries His Abba-heart and roots His love and understanding in our young generations.

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